Sunday, January 9, 2011

Medical Reimbursement status check

Dear members,
Have you applied for medical reimbursement? Now its processing is computerised  and the status of your bills at Director od Medical Education  Office can be checked through the following link.Please click the link and type your name .the status can be known:

                                                    J Rammurthy,Gen Secretary

Maintenance &Sustenance of the Academic Standards in Higher Education

Dear Friends, the one day seminar on" Maintenance&Sustenance of the Academic Standards in Higher Education" organised by GCGTA Br.Warangal  on 08-01-2011 is highly successful. Evening session is completely devoted to to the pay structure in Higher Education.Many deligates from various parts of the state like Chittor,Ongole,Kurnool,Adilabad,Karimnagar,Khammam, etc have graced the programme.The speciality found in the seminar is the active participation and enquiries about pay fixations and service conditions of lecturers by the newly joined members into the cadre.GCGTA AP congratulates the Dist brancg for organising such seminar.